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Industry that the Chinese steel export tax rebate adjustment limited effect
     Ministry of Finance announced the export tax rebate adjustment of some steel products, the industry believes that this is lower than market expectations, than in the Steel Association report recommends a small species, post-export situation is still not optimistic.

     Integrated media reported on March 31, the Ministry of Finance announced on March 27 to adjust export tax rebates on some products list shows, cold-rolled, stainless steel and silicon steel, alloy steel products export tax rebate increase to 13%. The industry believes that it is lower than market expectations, than China's Steel Association report recommends raising the export tax rebate fewer species.

     The industry said that Chinese steel consumption of steel exports is an important way to alleviate the domestic steel overcapacity play a significant role. The industry believes that the tax remained at 13% in the international market is still not enough to reflect the price advantage of China's steel exports, the enthusiasm of the entire export stimulus is not enough. And the United States, the EU calls for intensified anti-dumping and other markets, China's steel export tax rebates will be weakened, post-export situation is not optimistic. Future expansion of domestic market demand, production control steel prices, domestic steel supply and demand to ease an effective way.

     Shanghai Securities News quoted Wang Zhe, an analyst at CSC, said that the role of stimulating domestic steel exports will not be much.

     Joint Research Center of metals analyst, said Hu Yanping, the adjustment programs in plain carbon steel is very limited, the proportion of the limited share of total exports of steel, Moreover, tax increases can not change the reality of shrinking external demand, the effect is fear is not ideal, steel exports slump situation is hard to change. In addition, as China's current price is relatively high, while Cipian article comments (0) Other topics initiated Comments (0) Financial News Information Community (0) part of the national export price advantage is more obvious, manufacturers estimate is not willing to offer a substantial reduction in export .

     In addition, the American Iron and Steel Association, the organization has sent a letter to the five largest American steel, the new U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk, strongly urged the U.S. government in conjunction with other countries to China to increase steel export tax rebate to conduct negotiations, and that China's move will damage the U.S. economy and destruction of the world economy.
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